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****Spirit Wear Special Order****

     **Please note that all Rapids Kickers players MUST have a signed medical release form to practice.
        This form should be given to your coach.

Online Uniform Ordering


OPEN BOARD POSITIONS AS OF NOVEMBER 1, 2014 – if you have an interest in an open board position, you are invited to attend our next board meeting scheduled for Monday, August 18th at 5:30 pm at Cravings. Please let our volunteer coordinator, Liz Nemec, know of your interest via email kickersvolunteers@yahoo.com.   Board positions are for two-year terms. Below are the open positions with a general job description:

Board President
The President shall have the following authorities and duties:

  • Preside at all meetings of the BOD as it conducts its business
  • Act to promote the mission statement and enforce its bylaws
  • Appoint agents, prescribe their power and duties
  • Sign, execute, and acknowledge all documents and instruments necessary or proper in the course of conducting the business of the organization
  • Assign committee chairpersons from the BOD
  • Attend and Represent at League Meetings
  • Attend the WYSA annual meeting
  • Represent the Competitive Soccer Association at the RASI Board meetings

The Registrar(s) shall have the following authorities and duties:

  • Set up registration details in League One System for each season
  • Register and input teams in League One System
  • Verify  all birth certificates, getting player cards made and distributed
  • Prepare rosters of each team and distribute them as needed to club personnel
  • Manage and track registration payments of players
  • Promote and publicize registration;  prepare flyers for school system and deliver for distribution; send League One messages as required to club members throughout season regarding numerous club activities/volunteers required
  • Work closely with president, directors of coaching and team personnel
  • Respond promptly to questions from club members
  • Whatever else is necessary

The Volunteer Coordinator(s) shall have the following authorities and duties:

  • Develop and maintain records for all club members’ volunteer hours
  • Work with club to determine what jobs/duties are available to all club members to count toward volunteer hours
  • Insure non-tournament volunteer hours are communicated to club membership in a timely manner
  • Contact club members or team managers to confirm hours volunteered for and needed to fulfill their volunteer hours
  • Coordinate the annual fundraiser for the club
  • Whatever else is necessary

See Section V. Family Work Hours in the club policy manual located on the website under “Documents”

The Director of Fall Soccer shall have the following authorities and duties:

  • Promote girls fall soccer and boys soccer up to U14 age
  • Manage activities
  • Whatever else is necessary


Kicker Events

No upcoming events found.


     **Please note that all Rapids
        Kickers players MUST
        have a signed medical
        release form to practice.
        This form should be given
         to your coach.


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