Managers Checklist - Registration


  • Tournament Check-in will be at the tent located North of the Main Concession area.  Check-in should be completed at a minimum of at least one (1) hour prior to your first game. Teams should consider checking in Friday afternoon (5:00‐7:00pm).  Registration opens at 7am Saturday and will run through 9am.  All Teams should be checked in by 9am Saturday morning.    
    • If any player on your team has a CAST, allow 90 minutes for check-in.  The player must report to the Referee Tent with a complete cast form and the player card.  (see rules for more information on playing with a cast)
  • For check in, you will need:
    • Player cards or official WYSA Roster w/pictures.
    • Copies of Medical release forms for all players, including guest and club pass players.
    • 2 copies of your official team roster with jersey numbers for all players, including guest and club pass players.  One copy will be used for check-in with the Field Marshall and one copy will be kept at the registration tent.  
    • Guest player release forms.
    • A valid coach or manager’s pass.
  • Managers Checklist [PDF]

Please carry WYSA (or other state) medical release and players cards with you during the weekend and have accessible when asked.

In order to help keep the games on time, please have your team in the game field area 25 minutes prior to each game time. Please be ready to check-in at with the field Marshall before each game. As a courtesy, wait for the previous team to leave and keep together as a group.

Absolutely NO ON-FIELD WARM-UPS.  There are numerous green spaces around and in-between fields.  No exceptions. 

Other forms of communication that will be updated as time allows include the Rapids Kickers Facebook page and the tournament website. Additionally, each team will be asked to provide a team contact name and cell phone number for communication purposes during check-in.  

We’d love to have your dogs join you and understand your desire to do so, but per Rapids Area Soccer, Inc guidelines, animals are NOT ALLOWED on an soccer fields or in their vicinity.  Please leave your dogs at home. Additionally, per Wisconsin Rapids Public School policy, Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on Wisconsin Rapids Public School property.  

PARKING: We do not charge for parking, but know that with this many visitors to one site, parking gets very congested.  Utilize street parking (obey posted parking signs) as well as Washington School Parking Lots. ABSOLUTELY NO PARKING ON GRASS (unless marked) OR OUTSIDE MARKED PARKING STALLS.  Violators are subject to ticket or towing by Wisconsin Rapids Police Department.  No RV’s, Trailers or Busses are allowed inside the parking lots.